Banz Capital

A Quantitative Trading Firm Built for the Digital Asset Market

Banz maintains a portfolio built by quants to excel in volatile, quickly changing markets. The fund offers exposure to digital asset market strategies built to thrive through adversity.

Quant Trading: Redesigned

Banz uses unique strategies in an untapped market. The fund's computerized trading methods ensure unbiasedness, with a goal of maintaining alpha through adverse and expansive markets. Our algos are faster, and more powerful in digital markets.

Adverse Condition Management

A major issue that has been recognized in global digital asset management is the maintenance of viable sharpe ratios. What must be given up for extended alpha? Banz Capital functions with a philosophy of taming results in adverse, volatile markets.

Off-market Blockchain Asset Exposure

Digitized securities have shown consistent, above-average returns but they are extremely complex for the traditional investor. As a team of vetted blockchain developers, Banz taps into these markets, offering clients complex/private market exposure.

Drag the slider below to view the 2016-YTD value of a investment in the following vehicles:

Avg. Long/Short Equities Hedge Fund

Avg. Long/Short Digital Asset Market Quant Trading

This demonstration is solely to illustrate the comparison of the performance of different asset classes and methods. Past performance does not indicate future results, and the Banz Capital strategy will differ. Results are calculated according to the following performance report and cryptocurrency report.

Banz Capital is a primarily quantitative fund. The fund offers exposure to algorithmic and quantitative trading as well as limited early off-market blockchain assets. By engaging in both waters, the fund employs strategies that can excel during times of market downturn and prosperity. Digital asset markets undergo extreme volatility, which means as cryptocurrency markets plummet, so do long-only fund performances. Therefore, long/short fund management strategies are especially necessary to survive in such a rapidly evolving market.

These parameters subsequently make the fund versatile. As a result, we can blend the most optimal strategies we find to maintain consistency in returns. The fund philosophy is based on a relentless drive to obtain market edge, low volatility outcomes, and subsequent alpha.

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