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Drag the slider below to view the average 2016-2018 annualized return of an investment in the following vehicles:


Avg. Realized Blockchain VC & Crypto ROI

This demonstration is solely to illustrate the comparison of the performance of different asset classes and methods. Past performance of strategies or assets do not indicate future results, and the Banz Capital strategy may/will differ. Results are calculated from the following market statistics and and the following valuations.

At Banz Capital we run as a hybrid hedge fund that engages exclusively in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. Our hybrid management delivers, which is a combination of new-age venture investments, blockchain-linked private equity, and active digital market investments.

Our team, consisted of prior engineers, bankers, and developers, tap into the markets with an unrelenting ambition to extract alpha that is unseen to those who aren't a part of Banz.

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