Banz Capital

Defining the Future of Finance

Investments and methods tailored for the digital age of Wall Street.

Banz Dark Pool

Banz utilizes a proprietary immutable dark pool in facilitating the management of our client's funds.

Venture & Private Equity

As a firm, Banz makes private, early-stage investments in blockchain and distributed ledger technology companies and projects.

Code-centric Methodology

Banz Capital's edge dials in on utilizing code-based methods and strategies and developments to optimize our strategies.

Drag the slider below to view the average 2016-2018 annualized return of an investment in the following vehicles:


Early Blockchain VC/PE

This demonstration is solely to illustrate the comparison of the performance of different asset classes and methods. Past performance of strategies or assets do not indicate future results, and the Banz Capital strategy may/will differ. Results are calculated from the following performance report and and the following analytics.

As a team, Banz works together as a unit of problem solvers with a passion for investing to figure out ideal opportunities. We believe in meaningful work and welcome anyone with similar ambition to inquire about joining our firm.

Banz layers a systematic coat over the concept of "discretionary investing" through blockchain technology. Our ideologies in shaping the future of investing revolve around combining the power of due dilligence and internal research with the efficiency and speed of technology.

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