Banz Capital

A multi-strategy fund applying a blend of discretionary and systematic process to maximize the 'efficient' frontier in our investments.

"It takes money to change money" - We strive to capture above-average, risk-adjusted returns for institutional & individual investors.

Drag the slider to see the theorized 2 year profit progress from $20,000 investments in the following:

Avg. U.S. Stock Market (S&P 500)

Avg. Annualized 2-Year Cryptocurrency Market

This demonstration is solely to illustrate the comparison of the performance of different asset classes and methods. Past performance of strategies or assets do not indicate future results, and the Banz Capital strategy may/will differ. Results are calculated from the following market statistics and and the following valuations.

Banz Capital is extracting a range of active management strategies at the crossroads of the 'digital markets' - a sector ripe with various investment opportunity. By applying a a thorough stack of carefully tailored trading & investment strategies, Banz seeks to deliver authorized investors alpha at the inflection between the 'digital' ecosystem of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and distributed technology.

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