Banz Capital is an SEC acknowledged hedge fund that invests exclusively in the 'digital asset' and cryptocurrency market. Through investing and trading in both early-stage assets and 'liquid' markets, we seek risk-adjusted returns in this new asset class.

Banz Capital is built for the new digital age of finance. Our fund is a unique blend of financial industry veterans and technological savants, looking to extract the maximum possible outcome from the rapidly growing digital markets. We believe that the future of success in fund management depends on a deep, coherent understanding of this new age of both technology and finance.

A Unique Market Approach

Whether it be blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, or digitized forms of existing assets, digital markets are brand new. The precedence available is tiny compared to the traditional stock and financial markets. As a result, our firm looks to extract the maximum efficiency from the digital markets in a new, efficient way.

At Banz, we seek to provide access to 2 things: 1.) Ample returns yielded by highly complex assets and strategies 2.) Fund management conducted exclusively in the digital markets. As a result, we use a range of methods (Including discretionary, algorithmic, quantitative, etc.) in order to extract alpha.