Banz Capital is a hedge fund headquartered in Downtown, NY founded by John Iadeluca in 2019 by Capital Fund Law Group PC. Since starting out as just an idea, the fund has now grown to feature developers, quants, and investment banking alumni to reach multiple decades worth of experience.

Our firm invests in the new age of finance & technology primarily through blockchain. We serve as a firm composed of some of the most innovative and accolade-boasting members, all with a passionate goal of revitalizing fund management.

Investing in the First-Ever Immutable Market

Placing assets on the blockchain allows for absolute immutability, an attribute that gives it an edge over equities and other assets. Banz Capital invests in not just assets, but also companies, frameworks, and methods that can never differ financially or numerically from its deployed code. Security and efficiency within our targeted asset class alone adds a deeper understanding of what it means to be "set in stone".

Blockchain technology can eliminate potential roadblocks to investment strategies seeking to use code-oriented methods; the same methodologies for which we've perfected our niche. If you were to choose to invest in a framework that rely on obscure human trust, or a framework that is factually and financially unchangeable or immune to fraud, which would you pick?

Redefining Growth and Start-Ups

At Banz Capital, we want to advance the most innovative, budding projects that demonstrate an edge. When an investment is made, there is a reason; the question we seek to answer is "Why should we choose this investment as opposed to the millions of others?" We want to redefine what it means to provide growth and guidance. Many modern methods and strategies for venture capital/private equity/ICOs are now antiquated. Our firm uses new technology and prior development experience to facilitate unique strategies.

Importance of Compliance

Understanding the regulatory and legislative framework for any investment sector is essential; blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are no exception. Our goal involves staying up to date with each and every of the latest developments from a regulatory and compliance point of view.

Looking at any prospective market through a compliance perspective in an unmotivated way is inefficient, and even dangerous. Through an emphasis on compliance, adherence, and due diligence, our investments in a developing environment can be made more efficiently, and with higher confidence.