Our Team


John Iadeluca

CEO / Founder

John Iadeluca is the 21-year-old Founder & CEO of Banz Capital, a multi-strategy hedge fund employing a thorough stack of digital asset investment strategies as well as blockchain development. Iadeluca taught himself to program at age 11 and began trading virtual stocks at age 12. Since evolving as a blockchain developer and proprietary trader, he has worked full-time for Spotify-invested companies and has been poached by London-based financial firms, before leaving to focus solely on his brainchild 'Banz Capital'.


Jim Brinksma

Chief Technology Officer

James Brinksma is the chief technology officer for Banz Capital. Prior to Banz Capital, Dr. Brinksma served in a variety of technology executive roles including chief strategy officer for Gladius Network, vice president of strategy and business development for Ciena, vice president of sales engineering and customer operations for Ciena, and vice president of network products and strategy for Goldman Sachs. Jim’s doctorate is from University of Maryland and his dissertation covered “Public Market Signals as a Guide for Entrepreneurs Seeking Venture Capital Investment”.


Eric Ervin

Fund Advisor

Mr. Ervin is CEO and President at Reality Shares and Blockforce Capital, a digital asset firm with over $300M AUM. Recently named by Frank Chaparro “as a top crypto pioneer in Business Insider’s Bitcoin Wall Street power list”, Eric is a frequent blockchain commentator on CNBC, FOX Business, CNN, and The Street, and he is regularly featured as a blockchain thought leader in Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and U.S. News & World Report (among other media outlets and publications).


Nikita Stepanov

Communications & PR

Nikita Stepanov is Communications & PR at Banz Capital; he uses a global perspective in optimizing Banz Capital media placement, content outlook, communications, and public relations. Prior to Banz, Mr. Stepanov worked head PR Account Management at RTVi, as well as a lead PR positions at a number of highly successful blockchain companies.